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Re: net/pdnsd

I must have been sleeping or something but I've sent this to misc@ at first,

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 10:39:23AM -0600, Chris Kuethe wrote:
> i patched pdnsd and ran "make update-patches" and cleaned up some of the
> junk (ie new files don't get patched into existence - they live in files)
> and removed a few linuxisms.
> i don't know what the use of "stpcpy" is supposed to do, but i'm about
> this -> <- close to chopping out all the stp* and str* functions and
> replacing them with their strl* and strn* friends.
> http://www.rt.com/man/stpcpy.3.html
> the attached tarball should probably be kept on a short leash in the
> back yard...

Thanks for your help. I was very busy the last days and had my first look at
your port today.

Looking further I find those 3rd-party patches extremely irritating because
they have nothing to do with OpenBSD or security/stability in particular and
hence in my opinion should not appear in our ports tree. Can't say much about
the quality of them.

It's approx. 10,000 lines of patches we're talking about.

The correct way would be to roll an own distribution tarball for
pdnsd-1.1.7a-par, put it on some website and maintain only OpenBSD-specific
patches in the tree.

This indeed would require more interest in the port from my side. I don't use
pdnsd anymore thus I'm asking if you want to take over maintainership as you
seem to have interest, at least more than me. If not, I'll keep maintaining
version 1.1.7a as long as someone willing to proceed with pdnsd wants to take

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