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Re: NEW: wxWindows-2.4.0

This compiles ok, and millert reports an app of his compiles against it ok.

I'd like to commit this soonish .. and rm my x11/wxGtk at the same time.
.. please shair opinions ..

Todd Fries .. todd@openbsd.org

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(last updated 2003/03/13 07:14:10)

Penned by Andrew Dalgleish on Tue, May 13, 2003 at 12:26:09AM +1000, we have:
| PORT: x11/wxWindows
| LOCATION: http://users.bigpond.net.au/andrew_dalgleish/
| DESCRIPTION: C++ GUI library which supports multiple toolkits
| CFLAGS, etc all work.
| The FLAVORS break down into
| a) choosing which GUI toolkit you want
| (base, gtk, lesstif, motif, x11univ)
| They can all be installed side-by-side except lesstif/motif.
| gtk2 is not supported yet.
| b) choosing what build options you want
| (debug, noshared)
| Try a 'make show VARNAME=FLAVORS'
| I've now fixed a lot of the string handling code.
| mkstemp is ok
| Please test & comment.
| Regards,
| Andrew Dalgleish