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Re: Ports Submissions

Sounds like a good enough idea to me, although it will probably get
out of sync with the tree pretty quickly.  Could you also parse cvs
commit messages and update the bugzilla/gnats/whatever thingy


On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 08:26:52AM -0700, Liam wrote:
> Hey.
> I've been experimenting with bugzilla as a front end for ports.
> The basic idea is that port submissions and updates are done through
> bugzilla.
> When a commit is made cvs commit script updates the bug status.
> The whole ports queue becomes totally automatic.
> You can use bugzilla to tailor reports, per bug, per port, all
> uncommited, etc.
> Bugzilla can also use a custom tagging system, like "REVIEWED"
> "REJECTED" "BROKEN" or whatever.
> It looks like not a bad idea.
> any thoughts?
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