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Re: Ports Submissions

>Anil Madhavapeddy on 13/5/2003 wrote the bit with this mark:

>Sounds like a good enough idea to me, although it will probably get
>out of sync with the tree pretty quickly.  Could you also parse cvs
>commit messages and update the bugzilla/gnats/whatever thingy

Yes, that is sort of the whole idea. Make it completely automatic.
When you do a cvs commit, cvs runs the script "commit" in CVSROOT. This
script can be edited rather easily to automatically change the status of
the bug report, whether in gnats or a roll your own db.

It should also be trivial to go through the db using a report form and
simply make sure that the tree is in sync with the db.

The kicker with the system is that it should live inside the openBSD
system. One would need a DB, direct access to the scripts or programs
that makeup the bug/port submission system, and direct access to the cvs
commit script.

Sure it could be done off site but that makes no sense.

I have a prototype that works with bugzilla as sort of a bugzilla module
(bugzilla is largely written in perl with some templates thrown in).
There is no reason I cannot:

a) make it work with gnats

b) roll our own custom port submission software

If the group is interested I'll spend the time to make a working
prototype for whichever method you would like. If not I'll go do some
more of that work I get paid to do ;-)
Liam Allen               allenwc@shaw.ca
it may be that your sole purpose in life
is to serve as a warning to others