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Re: NEW: wxWindows-2.4.0

Andrew Dalgleish:

> The FLAVORS break down into
> a) choosing which GUI toolkit you want
> (base, gtk, lesstif, motif, x11univ)
> They can all be installed side-by-side except lesstif/motif.
> gtk2 is not supported yet.

This is a mess.  Can the differet GUI parts be built in parallel?
If yes, this screams for MULTI_PACKAGES.
If no, a check for mutually exclusive FLAVORs is missing.

> b) choosing what build options you want
> (debug, noshared)

I have a hard time understanding this.  Again, are we talking about
mutually exclusive options?  I.e. you can only build either the static
or the shared libs?

What's the point of the no_{png,jpeg,tiff} FLAVORs?  We do not have to
turn every knob some package offers into a FLAVOR.

> Please test & comment.

Also, you use some weird manual replacement for PFRAG.shared.  In fact,
most if not all of this PLIST fiddling should be replaced by PFRAGs,
except that your multi-dimensional FLAVORing approach may conflict
with this.

The shared libraries don't follow OpenBSD's naming convention.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                     naddy@unix-ag.uni-kl.de