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news/inn test & comment request

  (take two)


Category: news
Distname: inn-2.4.0
Comment:  complete Usenet/netnews news server

Fixes from previous:
  prefix fixed /usr/local
  separating data between /usr/local, /var, SYSCONFDIR
  user/group addition

  upgraded to INN 2.4.0 release (which has no mktemp() and
some another problems)

  tested on OpenBSD 3.2-release, i386

  Installed program working was, not really, tested yet.

  Please, also, report messages lexical errors, if any.

  unpack instructions:

  cd /usr/ports/news
  tar xzf inn-2.4.0-port.tar.gz
  cd inn

Best regards,
Ilya A. Kovalenko            (mailto:shadow@oganer.net)