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Re: NEW: wxWindows-2.4.0

On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 08:53:53AM +0200, Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> Andrew Dalgleish:
> > The FLAVORS break down into
> > a) choosing which GUI toolkit you want
> > (base, gtk, lesstif, motif, x11univ)
> > They can all be installed side-by-side except lesstif/motif.
> > gtk2 is not supported yet.
> This is a mess.  Can the differet GUI parts be built in parallel?
> If yes, this screams for MULTI_PACKAGES.

They are not all built at once, but can be built side-by-side using

I initially tried using packages. My rationale for using PSEUDO_FLAVORS
this way was:
* It takes a long time to build them all.
* Most people will only want one installed.
* If you only want one, it is easier to use a single flavor to build
just what you want (eg 'FLAVOR=motif') than to use several flavors
to skip what you don't want (eg 'FLAVOR=no_base no_gtk no_x11univ').

I can change it, but the Makefile will be more complex.

> If no, a check for mutually exclusive FLAVORs is missing.

I make sure the GUI flavors are mutually exclusive by using a series of
.if ${FLAVOR:L:Mbase}
.elif ${FLAVOR:L:Mgtk}

> > b) choosing what build options you want
> > (debug, noshared)
> I have a hard time understanding this.  Again, are we talking about
> mutually exclusive options?  I.e. you can only build either the static
> or the shared libs?

Debug and noshared are not mutually exclusive.
You can build debug/nodebug for shared/noshared.
4 build combinations, for each of the 5 GUIs.

> What's the point of the no_{png,jpeg,tiff} FLAVORs?  We do not have to
> turn every knob some package offers into a FLAVOR.

Ok, I've removed them.

> > Please test & comment.
> Also, you use some weird manual replacement for PFRAG.shared.  In fact,
> most if not all of this PLIST fiddling should be replaced by PFRAGs,
> except that your multi-dimensional FLAVORing approach may conflict
> with this.

The 1st time I tried I couldn't get the normal pfrag code to work
with the debug/nodebug and shared/noshared. I'll take another look,
as it should be easier without no_png etc.

> The shared libraries don't follow OpenBSD's naming convention.

Oops. Testing a fix now.

Andrew Dalgleish