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prosper's Makefile


In order to compile 'prosper' from ports without already having 'tetex-base'
on the box, you need to modify the prosper's Makefile according to
the attached patch.

Without this modification, tetex-base is build but is not installed and
doesn't install texi2html since it is in his RUN_DEPENDS variable.
So, the 'make install' from prosper failed on the lack of texi2html

oc - oc@karedas.cediti.be
--- Makefile.orig	Mon Mar 31 19:16:52 2003
+++ Makefile	Fri May 16 17:59:05 2003
@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
 HOMEPAGE=	http://prosper.sourceforge.net/
+BUILD_DEPENDS=  :texi2html->=1.56:textproc/texi2html
 RUN_DEPENDS=	:teTeX_base-*:print/teTeX/base
 WRKDIST=	${WRKDIR}/prosper