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i386/general ports breakage

Here's a list of ports that did not build on i386 in my last package
build run:

devel/ffcall			hang
devel/jdk/1.2                   ?
graphics/libgphoto2             gettext
lang/STk                        ?
lang/clisp			hang
lang/egcs/stable                needs porting to ELF
lang/kaffe                      ?
lang/smlnj                      needs porting to ELF?
math/R                          ?
www/amaya/browser               ?
www/hotjava                     hang
www/links+                      reconfigure
www/pear-HTML-Common            ?
www/w3m,*                       hang
x11/kde/multimedia3             pthread
x11/kde/bindings3               pthread
x11/mplayer-fonts,*             ?
x11/olvwm                       regexp?
x11/qt3,!mt                     ?
x11/xdtm                        regexp?

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                     naddy@unix-ag.uni-kl.de