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RFC: netatalk 1.6.1

Attached is an update for netatalk-stable. It removes all of the date
problems known till now. All occurences of where the developers have half
the date functions int and the other half u_int32_t have been fixed and
date issues seem to be resolved. I know 1.6.2 is out, I'll look at that

Please if anyone else uses this, test and get back to me.

Only tested i386 && macppc have no idea about 64bit arch like alpha,
sparc64. My alpha needs upgrading from OpenBSD 3.1 before I can test any
of this.


Ian McWilliam
Technical Officer
School of Computing & IT
University of Western Sydney.

"Technician was the lowest rank on this ship. even
the man who changed the bog roll was higher than us."
- Dave lister, Red Dwarf.

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