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Re: news/inn test & comment request


CW> Ilya A. Kovalenko:

>> Category: news
>> Distname: inn-2.4.0
>> Comment:  complete Usenet/netnews news server

CW> I intend to look at this...

Possible rules violations, already found.

   >> Subdirs on ${PREFIX}/bin (with names, not indicating,
     that dirs belongs to INN - filters, control, auth/passwd,
     auth/resolv, rnews.libexec)
       W/o hacking, I can rename and/or move couple of it,
     not all.
   >> ALL of binaries/scripts installing to ${PREFIX}/bin, but not all
     of these are user-execuables.
       I can't change this behavior w/o script (and, possible,
     programs) hacking.
       Russ Allbery (INN project master) answered:
RA> INN doesn't follow the FHS.  It's intended to have its own binary
RA> directory where it puts all of its executables.  There has been some work
RA> on offering an optional configuration where it follows the FHS, mostly for
RA> Linux installations, but those have not yet been merged.
       So, variants, are
         >> move all possible w/o hacking and leave other
         >> make INN-own binary subdir on bin or libexec
         >> force make INN be hier(7)-comply.

   Attached diff - addition - initialization of "news" homedir.

Ilya A. Kovalenko                (mailto:shadow@oganer.net)