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Re: news/inn test & comment request

HP> After doing ``make package,'' some unexpected (by me) changes were
HP> made (in addition to the expected, usual changes in inn/w-inn...):

HP>         /etc/group
HP>         /etc/master.passwd
HP>         /etc/passwd
HP>         /etc/pwd.db
HP>         /etc/spwd.db
HP>         /etc/usermgmt.conf

Yes, pre-install does following:
   >> adds user ("news" by default) if it does not exist
   >> adds group ("news" by default) if it does not exist
   >> adds user "news" to group "news". I guess, unnecessary
      on this stage (will remove).

I have no idea why /etc/usermgmt.conf have changed ... will find out.

I'm doing this for installation with news:news ownership.
I don't know another way to do this.

Script write related messages (for example):
> Adding user/group for install ...
> news group ... exist.
> news user ... not exist, adding ... done.

HP> I believe traditionally these changes were *suggested* by a brief
HP> message before/after the *install* phase, and not done automatically.

hmm ... i.e. stop & wait user accept ? Is it necessary ?
If so, I'll do it.

  Actually, I also can remove user/group (if it was added) after
packaging ...
  Package INSTALL adds user/group too, also with message, and
without user accepting.

Thanks for notes.

Ilya A. Kovalenko                 (mailto:shadow@oganer.net)
S.A. JSC Oganer-Service