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Re: news/inn test & comment request

Just make sure there are no scripts/binaries that expect to
find the things it installs in libexec but you move elsewhere.

I'm not sure what the opinion is of symlinks and/or hard
links as a solution, but that is perhaps getting nasty and
inn needs fixing if that becomes needed .. dunno, just more $.02 ..
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Penned by Ilya A. Kovalenko on Mon, May 19, 2003 at 10:16:53PM +0800, we have:
| TTF> post-install:
| TTF>         mv .../bin/foo .../sbin/foo
| TTF> or whatever if it is _much much_ easier than patching inn to do this properly.
| You gave me a clue to another excellent idea
|  --bindir=.../libexec
| post-install:
|              mv .../libexec/foo .../bin/
|              mv .../libexec/bar .../sbin/
| 10x a lot
| Best regards,
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