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Re: [new] www/mod_python

On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 09:39:25PM -0500, Sandor Palfy wrote:
> > I also attach a patch for lang/python/Makefile.inc. Why?
> > Because in our port python is compiled by default --with-threads,
> which 
> > Apache does not support --> mod_python won't work.
> --with-threads is required by Zope.

I know, but people using Zope wont use mod_python I guess ..
or still they can use 2.1.x for Zope and 2.2.x for mod_python.

The port of mod_python is there anyway, feel free to do what you
want with it. I got it working on i386 on -current.


- xavier.

   xavier.santolaria -- (xavier@santolaria.net|xsa@bsdcow.net)

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