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Re: [new] www/mod_python

On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 07:26:54PM +0200, Xavier Santolaria wrote:

> I also attach a patch for lang/python/Makefile.inc. Why?
> Because in our port python is compiled by default --with-threads, which
> Apache does not support --> mod_python won't work.

Are you sure about this? I've been running mod_python on several i86
machines for months - admittedly with a very low load, and I've only been
using mod_python for an OutputFilter - with a default Python install, and
I've not had any problems that I can attribute to threading. IIRC FreeBSD
has big problems with threaded Python, but I don't remember seeing any
mention of either Open or Net having similar problems.

It's not impossible that I've merely not stumbled across the secret
part of things that causes everything to go horribly wrong though.