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Re: [new] www/mod_python

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 10:37:12PM +0200, Xavier Santolaria wrote:

>> Are you sure about this? I've been running mod_python on several i86
>> machines for months - admittedly with a very low load, and I've only been
>> using mod_python for an OutputFilter - with a default Python install, and
>> I've not had any problems that I can attribute to threading. IIRC FreeBSD
>> has big problems with threaded Python, but I don't remember seeing any
>> mention of either Open or Net having similar problems.
> mhh are you running mod_python on -current with Python compiled
> --with-threads? All I got when compiling it with threads on i386 with
> -current is Apache that core dumps.

Hmm, it's true that I haven't tried it since the i386 ELF conversion,
although that's not the sort of thing it occured to me would break. It
worked on pre-ELF -current.