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Ports Tracking

I have been called to jury duty.
They don't give you much choice and little notice it seems.
Begining June 2 I will be unable to continue Ports tracking due to being
called as a Juror in a crimnal case of some complexity.

They tell me that it could take some months.

Therefore, I'll resign my ports tracking and hope someone else can take
it over.

The files attached are the entire project as of last monday.
I haven't had time to do this weeks update yet and it looks I won't get
the opportunity.

I will leave the current set of portfiles in /ports directory on my
server for some time.

Please, someone take over and do a better job than I have.

Thanks for all the hits . . .
Liam Allen               allenwc@shaw.ca
it may be that your sole purpose in life
is to serve as a warning to others