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Re: vmware?

I have a port at http://todd.fries.net/ports/ .. that is more
recent and more likely to run on current, but no guarantees,
since it has been a while since I tried this.

I would like to suggest people start looking at porting
plex86, '..in support of free software solutions.'

After all, if we keep using commercial software, how does free software
Todd Fries .. todd@openbsd.org

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"..in support of free software solutions."

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Penned by quel on Tue, May 20, 2003 at 09:41:10AM -0500, we have:
| I found a port of vmware2 located here: http://ish.cx/vmware-openbsd/
| It says a port of vmware 3 is in the works.  Does anyone know the status
| of this project or other projects to bring vmware to openbsd?  Freebsd and
| netbsd both have vmware 2 and 3 ports now in their ports trees.  A working
| vmware install on openbsd is the last piece of software I need to use
| openbsd on the desktop, finally.
| -James