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Re: pthread

this is how i understand it, hopefully someone can either confirm or deny 

> What exactly is the difference between -pthread and -lpthread?

on > 3.3 nothing atm (see below), but im told that may change, so you 
should use -pthread on OpenBSD

> Also, what is the difference between pth (GNU) pthread.h, and
> lc_r/include/pthread.h (OpenBSD)?

they're different implementations, so there's a lot different (also, pth 
uses pth_foo() as opposed to pthread_foo() iirc).

> If I call -lc_r am I using lc_r/include/pthread.h (OpenBSD)

i think so, but you shouldn't -lc_r, use -pthread, which will -lc_r for you.

> If I call -lpthread am I using gnu pth?

nay, your using the os pthread (so just use -pthread). -L/usr/local/lib 
-lpth will use gnu pth.


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