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Re: pthread

On Sat, 2003-05-24 at 12:49, Flinn Mueller wrote:
> Is this true for 3.1?  I know I've always heard use -pthread, but why 
> are there times that -pthread does not work, and -lpthread does?

-pthread has for a long, long time been the flag that "just does the
right thing".  That's why we like it.  Back when -lc_r was needed,
-pthread handled that.  When we got a proper libpthread, -thread handled

If there's a case where -pthread doesn't work but -lpthread does then
you've broken something.

> Also I just installed gnu pth 2.0

Do you really need pth?

> And if that is true, then why does GNU pth 2 install libpthread.* and 
> pthread.h?

Probably because it thinks it's being installed on a system w/o threads,
which OpenBSD is not.