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Re: License question: mod_throttle

Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> (I don't understand licenses.)
> This is from mod_throttle:
>   This source distribution is made freely available and there is
>   no charge for its use, provided you retain this notice, disclaimers,
>   author's copyright, and credits.
> I suspect the intent is a BSD-style license, but the actual wording
> seems deficient.  No mention of redistribution, no mention of
> binaries.  Just how much can you read into "use"?

(let's see if I'm getting this stuff figured out. 8)

As we learned before, "use" means running the program (or using it to
prop up the short leg of a table), not modifying its source (and thus,
we have PF.  Yay!).

"no charge for its use" could mean no payment to the author...or could
mean we can't charge to distribute (i.e., CDROM) it.  Or, we can
charge through the nose to distribute it, but can't charge to run the

Good example of bad wording...

The spirit is clear...but they don't admit spirits into court as