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Re: No more ports of unfree software

Jolan Luff <jolan@lithely.net> writes:

> How is one to judge when to set a No or a Yes?  Do we set "Yes" only if
> the license explicitly allows us to do so, or do set "Yes" only if the
> license doesn't explicitly deny a right?  This is the most confusing
> part for me.

Copyright law is simple. The holder of the copyright has an exclusive
right to do various things. If he doesn't give up those rights, noone
else is allowed to do those things. Among other things that includes
the right to copy, distribute, modify, etc. So if the license doesn't
say: "you are allowed to modify this", you are not allowed to do so.

And another simple thing: if you're unsure - don't. Because if you're
unsure - you might have to pay for lawyers to be sure.