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Re: No more ports of unfree software

> >DJB doesn't want his software patched at all.
> Wrong. He does, in fact, allow distribution of the patches itself -
> just not patched copies of his code.

Since djb does not grant the neccessary rights for this within the
legal framework of copyright, he has not granted those rights at all in
a legal sense.

It's really very simple.  You might want to talk to a lawyer about it.

> >There is no actual licence in his software, and he refuse to set one.
> >The fact is, you only found stuff on his web site. There is nothing
> >reasonable bundled with the source.
> So? Is he the only one?
> I found others doing that as well. In the ports tree. Noone would
> care about removing them.

We have met very few authors who are not willing to explain exactly
what copyright freedoms they grant to us, in a legal framework.  We've
met hundreds of authors who have been willing to clarify their license
in a legal form.

When authors refuse to grant us the rights to their software within a
copyright framework, there is not much we can... except follow
copyright law.