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Re: No more ports of unfree software

begin  electrogrammati illius Theo de Raadt

[ DJB ]
>His software is gone because lacking a license, therefore he retains
>all 5 terms of copyright, and therefore we are NOT allowed to modify
>it.  netscape is more free than his software.


_Users_ don't need a licence after lawfully obtaining the software.
They do it by visiting his website, reading the softwarelaw page,
deciding he offers his stuff for free, go and download it from there.

_Porters_ don't need a licence, because nobody can prevent you from
distributing patches (at least an ed(1) patch, for unified or context
diffs, there could be problems).

Some of the code in his source packages is public domain, whereas
Netscape doesn't come with any source code whatsoever.

Quod erat demonstrandum. Stop spreading FUD, Theo.

Willst Du wegen dummer User immer 'Ja, ich will' nach einem rm an /dev/tty
eingeben müssen?		-- Bodo Eggert in de.alt.sysadmin.recovery