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Re: No more ports of unfree software

> Some of the code in his source packages is public domain, whereas

It is not public domain unless it makes a legally acceptable declaration
that it is so.  If it is public domain, then he cannot make rules for
how it is used.  But he has made rules for how it can be used, so it is
not public domain.

> Netscape doesn't come with any source code whatsoever.

However, the rules for how netscape can be used are very clear.

> Quod erat demonstrandum. Stop spreading FUD, Theo.

I am not spreading FUD.

I am ensuring that our FTP and CDROM distributions are legal.

One thing is totally clear to me: You don't know JACK SHIT about
copyright law, about how it applies AUTOMATICALLY to nearly anything
that is authored, and that the author retains certain RIGHTS unless he
grants others access to those rights very clearly.

So, Thorsten, kindly put a stopper in your mouth to stop the flow
of legal misinformation.