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Re: No more ports of unfree software

begin  electrogrammati illius Theo de Raadt

>> Some of the code in his source packages is public domain, whereas
>It is not public domain unless it makes a legally acceptable declaration
>that it is so.  If it is public domain, then he cannot make rules for
>how it is used.  But he has made rules for how it can be used, so it is
>not public domain.

You haven't looked at the files in his source, have you? No.
I said "Some of the code". Some files. Not all of them.

>I am ensuring that our FTP and CDROM distributions are legal.

What about PERMIT_*=No ?

Last time I mailed you about ports, you said you do not do ports,
you do not care about them. So shut up and hack. Now.

Greetings from the Rhein,
Willst Du wegen dummer User immer 'Ja, ich will' nach einem rm an /dev/tty
eingeben müssen?		-- Bodo Eggert in de.alt.sysadmin.recovery