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Re: No more ports of unfree software

> Last time I mailed you about ports, you said you do not do ports,
> you do not care about them. So shut up and hack. Now.

The ports tree does not live in a vacuum without packages.  We've had
release after release marred in some way by package license issues.
This is because we have let the ports tree contain licensing
violations, and held firm to the belief that this would not turn into
package licence violations later on.  That has been shown to be false.
The new model is to make the ports tree cleaner; and in doing so we
will be resisting package license violations in the future.

Thorsten, you are not a developer in this group, not now, and it
appears clear you never will be.  Please take your attacks against me
(and others who have come to see things this way) somewhere else.