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Re: No more ports of unfree software

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 08:41:47PM -0400, tony@libpcap.net wrote:
> As far as the "not officially from OpenBSD", I don't think that argument
> would hold any water, because the Makefile and any patches would
> obviously be open for anyone to read, and one could even download the
> source from the official site and run md5 themselves if they dont trust
> it. I think after a while, people will see that this repository can be
> trusted and will use it as an alternative if they wish...

Well, Darren Reed released OpenBSD+ipf and misc@ got some mailings about
requests for help with it.  Unofficial stuff that clouds what OpenBSD
really is causes annoyance.

I can only see the same thing happening with an unoffical ports tree.
Even when displaying warnings at every turn, e-mail to ports@ will
undoubtedly turn up.

/usr/ports/mystuff is there for people to use.  Throw your favorite
unofficial / unfree / removed ports there.