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Re: dovecot port

On Sat, 24 May 2003 04:05:39 +0200,
Sebastian Stark <seb@todesplanet.de> wrote:
> On Fri, May 23, 2003 at 03:44:41PM +0100, Andrew Basterfield wrote:
> > http://cemetery.homeunix.org/OpenBSD/dovecot.tar.gz
> A few other issues:
> You advise the user to install a dovecot user with the command
> ====
> useradd  -c "Dovecot User" -d /var/empty -g=uid -s /sbin/nologin
> dovecot====
> Why not put this into the INSTALL script? Especially if you tell users
> to remove the "dovecot" account after uninstalling.

If you upgrade you will probably want to keep the user and the config

Because other ports like PostgreSQL don't, and with my split NIS setup I
prefer to do it manually.

I looked at infrastructure/install/createuser and
infrastructure/db/user.db in $PORTSDIR. Notice how the reserved Postgres
user conflicts with the proxy user in /etc/passwd, and the PostgreSQL
port doesn't use it anyway.

> And putting the dovecot user into login class "daemon" would also be
> nice in that case.
> The defaults in /etc/dovecot.conf are for --prefix=/usr. Maybe you
> could fill in the correct values at build time according to LOCALBASE
> to avoid confusion about the pathnames.

It just copies the patched example config file. The paths to the
files are commented out by default and this works fine, you only
need these lines if you move the files around and then you will
break the package management anyhow.

Send me a patch if you want to see the correct paths :)

> Otherwise it runs fine here on -current/i386 and feels amazingly fast.
> (Tested with mutt-1.5.4 and kmail.)

I've been running it back to back against courier-imap and it blows it
away :)



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