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Re: No more ports of unfree software

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 04:05:26PM -0400, Christian Gruber wrote:
> And obviously those who can't, but have a need to run it are too stupid
> and misbegotten to be permitted to live, right Rick? .

No, clearly those who can't should attempt to change the rest of the world,
not themselves. There is no question that the goals of the OpenBSD project
should be modified at the whims of the least common denominator ;-)

> Come to think of it, why haven't you just written your own unix-like
> operating system?  It's so easy - you just need a kernel, and a
> userland, and a bootstrap, and...  oh wait... MicroBSD already did that.

Because I am quite happy with OpenBSD. The OS is great, the ports are *nice*,
but I get by either way.

If it was not a question conflicting with the OpenBSD project goals I would
not have put in my 2 cents, but since it is, and since fighting against the
project goals has ALWAYS been a futile effort on ANYONE's part, well...


P.S. Are you actually suggesting that a significant portion of the OpenBSD
     users out there would stop running <someport> if it was removed from the
     ports tree, even if they loved it and used it all the time? How do those
     people get by, day-to-day? (BTW, my intent is more of curiosity than
     provocation.  If you feel the need to flame me, please do so off-list).