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Re: devel/jdk status?

Hah!  I'm in the same boat exactly.  We'll see who gets there first.

Christian G.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 4:55 PM
Subject: Re: devel/jdk status?

> heh, you know what, the ELF change actually needs me to revisit the
> native jdk port :-) and I got stalled by the linux thing not starting
> when I was to bootstrap :-) Well, it just made me postpone the work a
> little, my little spare time does not allow me to dwelve too deep into
> dependencies for this.
> Anyway, Christian, feel free to step on my toes.  I don't mind anyone
> else doing the ELF fixups.  I might get time this week or two months
> from now, I never know.
> Niklas