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Re: devel/jdk status?

Performance-wise, not much at the moment, since we don't have JIT or
HotSpot.  However, you can't use Native code compiled on OpenBSD through
JNI.  If you want to run JNI stuff, you have to use the linux stuff on
the linux JDK and hope it works.  You certainly can't tweak any source,
unless you want to re-compile on linux again.  It messes up any dev

Performance-wise, I'm sure there's a modicum of benefit from no
syscall-translation, but I'm assured that the translation is already
pretty efficient.  Jason Ish can probably talk to this more effectively.

Christian G.

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> Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 7:54 PM
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> Great. BTW, how much improvement could one expect from the 
> upgrade to a "native" jvm instead of emulation? Is it 
> recommended to run a Tomcat server with 1.3-linux? (I sure 
> hope so, since that's my plan...) :-/
> /Alexander