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Re: No more ports of unfree software

Benny Siegert wrote:

> Yes, that is the point. The ports tree is the place where users look 
> when they want to install a program, free or not. Fragmentation of the 
> ports tree is a Bad Thing (tm). Even the Debian project, which has been 
> known to be very picky about licenses, have an *official* "non-free" 
> section (albeit separate from the main section).

I think thats clueless.

Maintaining a port on the OpenBSD site is advertising for that port.

OpenBSD should only promote truly open software on it's site.

Others may promote less-open software, nothing wrong with that, but let them 
do it themselves on their own website.

If for example NTP stays available via the OpenBSD site there is no 
incentive to ever start writing a real open version of it.

OpenBSD should make as clear as possible what's open and what's not open. 
This issue is an incredible and very important weakness of lots of other 
"open-source" projects and OpenBSD should use it as much as possible.