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www/php4/extensions breakage in -current

I had problems building www/php4/extensions on i386-current after
removing kerberosIV cruft.  The build dies while checking whether
IMAP works, because it can't find libkrb.so.*.  I took out


from www/php4/extensions/patches/patch-ext_imap_config_m4,
but then I get problems with undefined symbols in libkrb5.so.5.2,

	U com_right
	U free_error_table
	U init_error_table
	U initialize_error_table_r

These are defined in /usr/lib/libcom_err[_pic].a (and nowhere
else, at least as far as I could find), and in
/usr/src/kerberosV/Makefile.inc, there's a line
COM_ERR=	-lcom_err_pic
but I don't see how COM_ERR is used anywhere in the krb5 build.

Sorry about not providing real error messages.  I ran into
this late last night at home, and I don't have a -current
installation here at work.  I thought I would at least send
this as a heads-up.