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new port: lxsplit-0.1.1

LX Split is a command-line file splitter/joiner for UNIX which is
compatible with any version of the HJSplit format.  For more information
on the HJSplit format, see:

WWW: http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/


This rejoins split files commonly found on usenet.  Stuff like
somehugefile.divx.001, somehugefile.divx.002...

There's a problem with the licensing.  It says "Freeware, opensource,
GPL" on http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/#linux, but there's no licensing
information contained within the distfile itself.  The linked homepage
for the program doesn't resolve.  I did a quick google search and fired
off an e-mail to the addresses I could find for the guy but they
bounced.  Help tracking down the author would be greatly appreciated.

Marked PERMIT_*=No until he's found and it's resolved.  If he isn't
found, is this an example of an "unfree" program which could make it in?
It's like mplayer+realplayer codecs where it could be used to switch
formats, right?  Is PERMIT_*=No not enough since it is has no license at
all?  Despite all the traffic in the last few days, it still isn't clear
to me yet, maybe I'm dense.

Anyway, tested/works on i386 & sparc64.