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RFC: openoffice (emulated) port

Port: http://schubert.cx/openbsd/ports/openoffice.tar.gz

The installation actually runs and using a wrapper script a user can run 
openoffice without trouble. How it does this is so ugly, so messy and so 
stupid I don't even know if I want to take credit for this disaster.

Note when doing a 'make install' if DISPLAY isn't set and/or /proc isn't 
mounted as a procfs the installation will abort (yes the *text* based 
installation requires this).

The wrapper script is /usr/local/bin/soffice and the user MUST run this 
the first time a user runs openoffice to properly create the local user 
data in $HOME (after that you could call 
/usr/local/openoffice/programs/soffice directly).

I've seen it die once on making the package because for some reason the 
setup binary didn't install some files into the fake directory. Starting 
  over with the install did not reproduce this.

Since the actual installed setup program is broken (*sigh*) the wrapper 
script takes a skelaton ~/.openoffice directory I created on a linux 
system then stripped out all $HOME related information and created the 
wrapper script to plug in your $HOME value the .sversionrc and 
~/.openoffice files that need it.

If you see a better way to do the installation/wrapper, by all means 
have at it.

As for those wishing to properly fix openoffice a good place to start 
would be the setup.bin binary that gets unpacked from the f0_* zip files 
(a native build of this would be a good first step). Watch ktrace output 
files from it shows some really brain damaged things going on here. The 
other thing to fix would be the programs/setup binary that gets 
installed it dies failing to create the /tmp/sv00?.tmp directory used 
for installations. Fixing those two (either just making the linux binary 
smarter or managing to get a native openbsd binary out of them) would 
greatly simplify the install. Pay attention to where FreeBSD has things 
defined because alot of them give clues for OpenBSD.

As for the licensing, see the Makefile and its PERMIT_* lines for more info.

A nod of thanks goes to David Lebel for his initial work on getting it 


Tested on i386 -current and 3.3.

Ok I think that's everything, have fun.

-- schubert