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openoffice (emulated) port revisited

Port: http://schubert.cx/openbsd/ports/openoffice.tar.gz

See, this is what happens when you return to a problem after sleeping on 
it :-) I took a second look at things and I realized the smart and 
obvious thing to do would be to find what zipfiles have the 'setup' and 
'program/soffice' scripts that were broken and just fix those and then 
see how things went.

Well it turns out things go very smoothly, almost like you're installing 
on a real linux system. So I removed all the silly workarounds and the 
wrapper. Only thing that tends to go wrong during install are some bad 
symlinks but those get corrected. Please note that you still need to 
have a procfs (-o linux doesn't matter) mounted otherwise you'll get a 
nice soffice.bin.core.

I've tested this thing about a dozen times over on -current and 3.3 
(redhat 8.0 and 6.2p6). If the install seems to hang like when 
'registering uno component' start over. I've only seen it once and can't 
reproduce that problem but it seems a few other people have seen it. 
Looking in the openoffice/programs/setup.log may give you some clues.

I noticed when you run the setup it spits out some problems about not 
finding libacl.so.1 (linux lib?) but it didn't seem to affect operation.

21Kb port now and MUCH cleaner. License should still be looked at since 
they say its dual licensed GPL and some Sun license or some such stuff 
and I'm in no position to make a judgement about that.

Have fun

-- schubert