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Re: openoffice (emulated) port revisited

Michael Schubert writes:
> Port: http://schubert.cx/openbsd/ports/openoffice.tar.gz

Doesn't work on my 3.3 system. The installer craps out without actually 
installing anything.

Sample output:

% make fake:
===>  Faking installation for openoffice-linux-
Installation starting, please be patient ...
glibc version: 2.1.3
glibc version: 2.1.3

Initializing installation program..........
Display can do XRender, but no libXrender.so.1 installed.
Please install for improved display performance

call procedure: LanguageSelect 
Installation Completed

Then there are a whole bunch of "rm" errors because nothing was installed.

Any clues? Procfs is mounted.


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