OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: kernel/137: vm hangs doing (while true; do grep xyzzy /dev/zero & done), Mathias Schmocker
  • RE: kernel/1599: Add support for BIOC[GS]HDRCMPLT, Nick Evans
  • problem with wmapm, Jose Gerardo Amaya Giron
  • Re: kernel/1607: Intel Gigabit Ethernet NIC can crash box.., Matthew Jacob
  • Re: kernel/1611: PMTU discovery doesn't play nicely with IPSec., Angelos D. Keromytis
  • Re: system/1617: vi.recover incorrectly builds emails, Brian
  • Re: system/1618: isakmpd and disconnect notices, Angelos D. Keromytis
  • Kernel 2.8 crashes SCSI CD ROM on i386 - no problems with 2.6, Christian G. Schneider
  • Makefile error line 79, daneman_(_dot_)_mail_(_at_)_gte_(_dot_)_net
  • strlcat may read from inaccessible memory, Tony Finch
  • v2.8 won't boot on Compaq Armada 4160T, V. LeVeque
  • help, zhmogus
  • Re: i386/1610: pc-cards not detected with TI PCI1220 Cardbus controller, Louis Bertrand
  • Re: i386/1633: system freezed when ether cable is pulled out, Angelos D. Keromytis
  • Some nasty rumours and minor problems., Terry Wilson
  • Re: ports/1634: Samba new printer problem, Peter Galbavy
  • nasty failure under high load, John Ioannidis
  • freshly cvs'ed sources from, John Ioannidis
  • Re: kernel/1639: ahc driver problem when external drive is power-cycled, Hans-Guenter Weigand
  • Re: system/1640: syslog dies after upgrade, Mike
  • doc, Hasan Azam Diwan
  • Install/boot panic on PowerPC, j proctor
  • cant bootup ?, john
  • Re: i386/1645: OBSD-current crashes into debug mode on startup, ajh
  • Repeatable fatal error installing 2.8 on i386, Dave Harms
  • Status of PR 1631?, Jonathan Roy
  • Re: library/1650: skey/libskey SHA bug, Todd C. Miller
  • Ethernet problem, Tony Sterrett
  • Re: kernel/1653: Makefile for crunch ignores DESTDIR, Theo de Raadt
  • Re: kernel/1656: crshes under heavy disk activity, Aaron Campbell
  • RE: system/1659: OpenSSH forced commands munge output, Erik Änggård

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