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Speak your mind - Plentiful prizes


Alterecho Europe, the online market research agency, is looking for
contributors who like to express their opinions.

We are conducting surveys on new products and current trends.

How can I take part?

Register at our site, www.ae-europe.com, and you will be able to join our
panel. Each time that a survey becomes available, you will be notified by
e-mail. All you will need to do, then, will be to fill in the
questionnaire provided.

Your participation is completely voluntary and carries no obligation.

To register, fill in our registration form.

Why should I take part?

Each time we require such contributions, Alterecho Europe will organize
competitions, with plenty of prizes to be won: air travel tickets, PCs,
GSMs, etc.

=> Register now! <=


Renaud Warson

Panel Manager

Rue des Atrébates 117

1040 Brussels




We make it our priority to respect the privacy of our members.

Any information that you give to us is strictly confidential, and will
not, in any circumstances, be passed on to third parties.

We also undertake to send our members only a minimum number of e-mails,
and not to subject them to requests for participation in an excessive
number of surveys.

If you cannot read this e-mail, click here:

For the English version, click here:

We have obtained your address via an opt-in supplier, or by random
selection from a directory.

If you have concerns regarding this e-mail or if you would like further
information, you can contact us by e-mail at the above address.

If you do not wish to be contacted again by Alterecho Europe, click here:

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