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NEW: devel/cdecl


a recent off-topic thread on misc@ reminded me that I already made a cdecl port.

Cdecl and c++decl are tools to translate C and C++ declarations to plain English and vice versa.

I managed to get rid of all but one warning (my investigation within readline headers suggests that it's okay the way it is, but getting rid of that one as well would be nice -- I just don't know how to do it) and revised my old Makefile and cdecl.c patches (mostly wrt include files) to be more like the one from the FreeBSD port, so some credit is due here.

Cdecl is "strongly believed" to be in the public domain, and many other projects seem to agree ... but the situation is unclear.

I have put myself as the maintainer in this port, although I'd rather not be. I don't really need cdecl very often anymore ( ;) ), and I don't want to keep track of good or bad changes some random person does to it in one of the many possible places ... besides, I don't think it requires to have a dedicated maintainer.

I wouldn't have a problem with my name sitting in there, but it's probably more appropriate to remove the MAINTAINER line before committing it.

Comments of all kinds and testing would be highly appreciated,


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