OpenBSD In Japan

This is the current homepage of the OpenBSD in japan project.



CONTACTS: Ejovi Nuwere, Eric Jackson (Project leaders)

Team members: SUZUKI Hitoshi Japan contact

GOAL: To bring OpenBSD into Japans mainstream unix society.


About the project:

Right now the project is lead by Ejovi Nuwere and Eric Jackson we will accept any and all people interested in helping. Later this page will include works in progress, including our ports and translated OpenBSD web pages. Some of the work we do in this project includes... Updating the OpenBSD Japanese ports tree ,finding resellers in Japan for OpenBSD CD's, writing articles for Japanese networking publications speaking at public events in Japan on the topic of OpenBSD.


Current list of things that need done:

Import ALL of FreeBSD's Japanese ports to OpenBSD:

Current ports:

less plain2

jvim lipsf prn

Wnn jvim-wnn4 mh samba

gp k8 mimekit sed

grep kakasi nkf tcl76

ircII kcc oleo tk42

japaneseAFM kterm onew-wnn4



Create a Japanese version of the OpenBSD web page:

Nothing yet.

Find people to test our Japanese ports:

This could be you!

Get a CVS mirror site in Japan:

Wouldnt you love to have your site here?