more than you wanted to know about too few things
"Don't worry, honey.
That's just a man with funny glasses."

(Laura Aasletten to her daughter, about me.)

This page last updated 20080910 (previous update: 20031223 -- yoiks!). Updates of late -- added link below showing planned trip to Seattle.
20080910 (Wed): Here's the route I plan to follow to Seattle from Harrisburg, PA, starting 2080912 (Fri); I won't have much time for meandering stops, but I will need to pause to sleep, eat, etc, so suggestions for good places to stop are welcome!
Note: I also have an occasionally updated presence at the livejournal (user tlord), and a journal at Slashdot.

Hungry? For just a few people, consider this psuedo-Korean goulash. Get a couple of bowls -- this describes how to make two medium-sized helpings. (Once your rice cooker dings, this probably takes about 5 minutes to prepare.) For larger flocks of adherents, try this cilantro-pasta feast.

Dreams are fascinating and inscrutable; here are a very few of mine. I like to write them down (when I have the ambition) because I find that the dream memory remains much sharper that way; you may find them interesting -- if not, no need to read :) I'm again trying straight numeric date labels just because they're easier to keep track of, even though they're not as informative re: content.

20030423, 20030330, 20020723, 20020722, 20020716, 20020717, 20020708. 20020303. 20020215. 20011111. 20011003, 20011018, 20011022, 20010907, 20010922, 20010928, 20010810, 20010811, 20010814, 20010815, 20010816, 20010817, 20010826, 20010828, 20010407, 20000227, 20000228".

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