1) I was walking alone on a New York street, and I found what looked like a trove of move-out trash in a neighborhood of expensive-looking rowhouses, and immediately regretted not having any containers in which to haul it away. There were small bits of furniture, knickknacks, books, etc. There were also several beta video tapes (smaller in this dream than in real life) including a set of Burt Reynolds movie, in a decorative red hexagonal-prism cardboard case. It may have been just one movie, on multiple tapes, but I did not remember the name.

I did grab a few things though (including the Burt Reynolds tape), then returned, and I realized my error in not staying nearby. The rest of the move-out stuff was now all over the sidewalk, including many larger pieces of expensive-looking furniture. A small crowd was doing exactly what I wanted to do, and in fact nearly everything was now accounted for -- many items had "Hold for" and a name on cardboard tags outside of it. The owner of the place (the one who was moving) was outside with the crowd. He seemed a relatively nice guy, perhaps slightly sad (because of the move?), rather conservative in dress and demeanor. He invited several of us in for dinner, and we all sat a large wooden table, low but comfortable light. We all got along easily and amiably, though not lasting friendships seemed to be in the making.

2) Dreamed I was inside (but as a spectator, not participant) a Simpsons episode in which Homer attained superpowers. Specifically, he could fly and (accidentally) set people on fire by touching them. His hands glowed red, then burst into flames, but the exact reasons / conditions when this happened were unclear. I remember only a brief segment, and it went like this: Marge discovered that she could fly as well, when near Homer, and they begin dancing through the air (flying that is) when homer sets Marge on fire accidentally. Bart sees the whole thing, and is laughing, until Homer catches him on fire as well.