Dreamed I met white-power skateboarders in a small southern town. I was wandering around the town with a new acquaintance when we chanced upon this house. They had a ramp, invited us to skate. My companion was obviously being charmed by the alpha male white-power guy, one of those intense-eyes types who bores into you while talking. I realized that the bad music they were listening to all had racist overtones, and that they were increasingly steering the conversation to see if my views were correct on the matter, and getting testy when my answers were all either contradictory or ambiguous. It took me a while to grasp / believe that they were serious, not kidding around.

While there, I began riding a nearly new board they had ... nearly new except for the wheels, which were worn and coned high-durometer white wheels of some type. The board was reddish, a good graceful shape, and had rails, but even the rails seems nearly untouched. The trucks were bright-red anodized aluminum G&S. It seemed like the nicest board in the place -- most of them were riding rather beat up old equipment.

The combination of the wheels an tight-but-wobbly trucks made it slightly tough to ride, but I had been toying around with it when the realization that these guys weren't ones I wanted to hang out with dawned. I considered stealing the board and just leaving downhill, but instead I gave it back to them when I left.

2) Was hit on strangely by the woman handling new accounts at a bank, not even sure if I was there to open a new account. Left there sort of upset, because I had not been prepared for that, but also slightly flattered.

Later, I saw Liz -- she was one of 3 or 4 housemates in a one-story weathered-wood apartment -- . She related stories of similar encounters at other places, which sounded quite disturbing but which she was quite adjusted to.

This dream also had a fair amount of driving, but I can't remember the details.

Actually, it was a dream-heavy night, mostly rather dark and strange dreams, but now they're fading too fast to catch :( I remember that at least two of them involved Liz as a character, which helped make up for their generally dark character.