1) Dreamed that Hemos and Kurt G. were playing with some cool hardware at a scientific facility of some sort. There was a lab which consisted of a couple of small buildings (basically huts, but new and comfortable, not old and wormy -- perhaps 15 feet on a side) with quite a few computers arranged on tables along the outside of each wall.

The computers were small grey boxes (maybe 6w X 8d x 2h), looked like a cross between a thin client adapter and an SGI. They weren't x-terminals, though, but full-featured and powerful machines with video cards built in meant to shame even standalone cards. They were built such that to build a more powerful workstation, a user could stack multiple units together in the manner of stackable hard drives. I saw several doubles among the computers on the tables; perhaps the limit was two rather than just any arbitrary number. The monitors were rather small (15-17") but very high quality, and the machines were all running some version of UNIX.

Jeff and Kurt were playing networked video games on the just-installed system, making a lot of whooping noises. I was a little worried that the scientists or whoever contracted this installation would come back, but apparently they contracted it to VA / OSDN / Kurt & Hemos to design and install, and they considered this a normal part of the installation / testing / site visiting / burn-in process. "Eh, they won't care," said Kurt, and Jeff just rolled his eyes a little and said I shouldn't worry about it.

2) Separate dream: this one consisted of nothing more than the image of a one-line email that Hemos sent. I could tell by looking at it (which consisted of just an IP number) that it went to a story that we'd already run, perhaps even one about the new stackable workstations. This dream looked pretty much like a vt100 terminal ;)

3) Dreamed I was wistfully admiring some wildflowers -- tiny wispy blue flowers on a sort of hedge, most of which were already fading or shriveled, but which were beautiful even in decay. They reminded me of my relationship with [girl C], and I considered taking some digital photograpahs to send to her as a token of continuing affection. Luckilly the dream ended before I could do such a stupid thing.