Dreamed I was on my recumbent bike, in a small southern town where I lived (in the dream). There were several other townsfolk around, none of whom I was very close to, but we were mostly on good terms. I (the character) was depressed, and the dream's setting fit that -- thick, gauzy air, a sort of heavy feeling, muted sound, twilight.

We were gathered in a very loose knot at a highway intersection -- most people were on bikes, lazing around on them uneasily. The highway was straight in both directions, no danger of being run over, because we could see for so far down the road.

I was about to pedal north to visit people in MD. In the logic of the dream, that would take about 8 hours, and I would arrive in the early morning. I was in a bad enough mood that I just wanted to pedal to have something do to and to make me tired, focus my unhappiness on tangible things rather than just be edgy.