Dreamed last night that I was at a summer program similar to CTY but also closer to a traditional summer camp -- It was at Harvard, and used their classrooms. There were some classes, but there were also a lot of traditional camp activities, like sing-alongs. Ages seemed to include kids from elementary through high school. Laurie Brunner was the director, or at least one of the higher-ups. I was a mid-level adult there, similar to being a CTY RA.

My dream starts toward the end of dessert (dinnertime) in a large cafeteria somewhere on campus (taken over by this summer program) and I am trying to choose from quite a few good-looking desserts, primarily between two fruit pastries, one with cherry and one with strawberry. I craved both flavors, but knew that I should only take one (at least at a time -- I would have been able to come back for the second after eating one of these), and I was vividly imagining what each would taste like, and trying to decide which I should settle on.

Laurie loudly called everyone in the cafeteria (perhaps 200 people) to sit in a large open area on one side of the room. She seemed angry because it took so long for people to be quiet. She told us that everyone was going to a soccer game, to see the New York Cosmos (though I don't remember the opponent).

There were some groans around the room, because not everyone wanted to go. I thought it would be great to see the Cosmos, but wasn't happy that the decision had not been consulted about it, because it meant a lot of last-minute logistical problems, ankd kids griping (legitimately) that this disrupted all their previously made plans for the evening.

Eventually, though, we did get to a large stadium, and had really good seats. I got to sit basically just off the field in fact, not far from the goal. A few sports photographers were near me, with digital SLRs and huge zoom lenses. I got a chance to look through one of them, which was employing a bizarre color-shifting scheme that made the scene on the field look like satellite imagery.

The soccer game was exciting, but I didn't follow the action very closely. The Cosmos was in all-white uniforms, the other team, I forget.