Dreamed I was at a party, of the sort I don't usually enjoy -- loud music, lots of alcohol, crowded. I was about to leave, after being there far longer than I had intended to stay and regretting that I had come in the first place.

Just as I was gathering my coat to leave, though, two girls started dancing in different areas of the crowd, and people stepped aside to give them room. One of them I didn't recognize, and though she was pretty I was not interested enough to pay much attention. The other I know and find attractive ("E"). I was transfixed by her dancing, and absolutely rooted in place, sorry to be standing so far that I could only catch the occasional glimpse of her face. E was wearing jeans so faded they were pale, and a casual white sweater, and had on a very little bit of makeup, and just danced happily to the quiet music (hard to hear over the crowd) while people milled around, mostly ignoring her. I did not leave, but the dream ended before I could make my way over to talk to her.