1) Was part of a semi-obvious spy team (I think we were supposed to be tourists, but obviously weren't) in rural China, trying to help plan escape routes from the small village were stationed at. Not for us -- we cold come and go, at least until officially told otherwise, at will. However, the villagers themselves could not, and a number of them had been killed in trying to get out of the village and sneak onto trains leaving the area. Not clear exactly for whom I was spying, though. I think some sort of do-gooder group, but semi-private and not religious.

I worked closed with a guy (Brazilian? Portugese?) named "Redu," with olive skin and dark hair. His English was good, but obviously not his first language. We scouted with binoculars -- again, we were being given a surprising amount of latitude in our activies, possibly because the local "guards" were as interested in following any routes we proposed as they were in stopping anyone else from doing it -- and were observing the elevated railway track visible from one side of the village (near the edge of a river), looking for good paths over the rocky local geography, all reddish-brown rock. It was a desert, but not a sandy one, and the town was obviously chosen because of the river which snaked around it.

Behind us, the village sloped up sharply -- most of the houses were clustered next to each other along the single main street.

While Redu was looking in the distance at a particular section of track which had proven dangerous, though it seemed the obvious place to try to get on the train, I found a better place to cross the river which lay between the village and the area through which the train ran. I pointed it out to him, and Redu agreed, but he seemed to take a while to grasp what I was saying, but since I can't recall it all that well right now either, it may not have made much sense then either.

2)Visited my friend T. in New York. We took a boatride from her apartment to the lower east side (which makes no sense, I realize), and when we alighted from our water taxi, T. wanted a kiss for luck as we walked onto the ground, but I had garlic on my breath and refused, embarrassed, telling her that she would regret it if I kissed her until I brushed my teeth and got rid of the garlic. She laughed, and we walked to dinner somewhere. Pleasant dream overall, but sort of a non sequitur.